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To keep gas heating installations in best functional state and to cut down costs of maintenance and Heating repairs Kilburn, it is important to take into account all the necessary elements that need to be overseen, such as hard water. Water goes through the system and in time will create scale that can block the heating piping system and cause high costs of Heating repairs Kilburn. It is not always simple to build in filter systems and system for water softening in apartments and even in houses. This implies changes on existing plumbing installations with necessary cutting and opening of walls. If this can be done, it is necessary to build in a combined system for filtration of impurities and softening of water on the entrance to plumbing installation into apartment (or home) so that all devices (dishwasher, washer, boiler and pipes) would be protected from the scale, which prolongs their life and decreases repair intervals. Before you choose a particular filter system it is important to consider following questions:
-how much space you have to install the system?
-what is the volume and the costs of necessary works?
-which devices will be “covered” with the new system?
-are there any additional demands that affect choice of system or additional works?
-how much money you want to invest in the works and the equipment?
-do you know what market has to offer and do you have basic information on filter system work?
-is there professional in your area who knows to work with filter systems?
Based on our experience, users usually build in following systems:
1. Electronic water softener-it works on the principle of creating impulse electromagnetic field that is created around two coils on the tube through which water goes. This process changes crystal structure of scale (calcium carbonate) and minimizes its ability to bind on the walls it goes by. Installation is very simple and device is very effective and long-lasting.
2. Water filter with integrated magnet for water softening-removal of calcium carbonate in a natural way through action of magnetic forces without addition of various chemicals or softeners. Colour, odour and taste don’t change. It is especially practical due to possibility to combine different filters of different gradation.

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