Tap body leaks (non-rising spindle)

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April 25, 2014
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June 15, 2014
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Taps are many and of various types and replacements are easily available to buy. However, below is how to sort a leaky tap with a non-rising spindle.
This problem is a common one for a tap with a non-rising spindle. This tap is designed so that the packing gland has been removed and replaced with a rubber type of ‘O’ ring. When the operating head of the tap has been taken off, water can be seen getting past its spindle when turned ‘on’. Kilburn Plumbers can fit taps and internals.

See below for remedial action:

1). Turn off the water supply that feeds the tap before beginning, then, you remove the shrouded cover and take the headgear from the body of the tap.
2). A circlip on the valve should now be removed, using a screwdriver located at the top of the valve that needs to be removed. You do this by using a screwdriver inserted into the edges and twist to pull it apart then slip from the spindle. The circlip is brittle.

3). With the top gear removed, push on the top of the spindle, unwind and remove it away from the brass housing, you will see the ‘O’ ring.

4). Flip the old ring off and away, again a screwdriver will do this. A Kilburn Plumber can remove and refit ‘O’ rings.

5). Replace the ‘O’ ring with a new one, applying silicon grease to make sure the ring is lubricated and that it forms a good seal.

6). Start to put the tap back together, this should not take long. Once the tap is restored it should be tested to make sure that it doesn’t now leak. If the symptom persists, then, repair by replacement of the whole unit should be done.

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